Healthy living

Apart from the saving of valuable energy, the attractive appearance and the long life, there is a further important argument for our product..

It cannot be expressed in terms of money, but is all the more important:

It creates a pleasant and healthy room atmosphere which fulfils all requirements of modern medicine.

The living conditions specified in DIN 4108 are by no means satisfactory.
The surface temperature on the inside of an exterior wall is regarded as a measure of the comfort of a living room.

Temperatures below 15°C at a room temperature of 20°C indicate a cold, unpleasant and unhealthy room atmosphere.

In the ideal case, the difference between the room temperature and the surface temperature at the inside of the exterior wall should be less than 3°C. In summer, the exterior insulation makes it comfortable cool.

An advantage that you will quickly come to appreciate.

Whithout Isoklinker
Porous concrete, Raw density 600 gk/kbm,
Wall thickness 24,0 cm.
U-value: 0.70 W/(m²·K),
high heating costs

With Isoklinker-System 80 mm
U-value: 0,32 W/(m²·K),
low heating costs