… smart thermal insulation

ISOKLINKER is an all-round thermal insulation that you can rely on. Our full thermal insulation system applies the ideal physical principle of external insulation.

With the aid of this energy-saving-system, near all requirements of the recent energy conservation regulations can be fulfilled and you can achieve heating cost savings of up to 50% in a detached house.

Brickworking facing and insulation without foundations … for old buildings, new buildings and prefabricated houses.

The ISOKLINKER system makes it possible to face the walls of old, prefabricated and new buildings cleanly, easily and economically with the additional effect of thermal-insulation.

ISOKLINKER – the best solution for your house!

You’re in the right place, if you …

  • want to maintain the building fabric of your house,
  • wish to clinker your house without foundation, and wish to provide thermal insulation, in one step,
  • want to live in a comfortable atmosphere,
  • value best quality and environmental friendliness,
  • wish to design your house individually from a large range of different colours and formats,
  • value good quality,
  • wish to ‚upgrade’ your house in compliance with the latest German energy saving regulations,
  • wish to increase the value of your house.

Panel and corner

In the panel and corner system, the clinker and insulation form one unit and are available in various brickwork compounds, colours and formats.
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Joint alignment system

This system includes a routed XPS rigid foam panel with tongue and groove and is available in thicknesses from 40 mm – 140 mm
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The entire range of accessories is designed specially for our system and is available from every ISOKLINKER dealer.
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