Thermal insulation


ISOKLINKER is your specialist for clinchers, connectors, and heat isolation systems. Since 30 years we are a market leader in clincher wall systems with heat isolation. Our clients are offered valuable, high quality materials on individual and qualitative ways, for repairing or renovation of front walls.

ISOKLINKER is an all-round thermal insulation that you can rely on.
Our full thermal insulation system applies the ideal physical principle of external insulation. The thermal insulation of a house has the purpose of delaying the transfer of heat from the inside outwards in winter and from the outside inwards in summer.

energie-einspar-system_engWith the aid of this energy-saving-system, near all requirements of the recent energy conservation regulations can be fulfilled and you can achieve heating cost savings of up to 50% in a detached house.

ISOKLINKER can currently be classified as one of the best suppliers of thermal insulation to the building trade.

The table shows the improvement of the U value by the installation of our products. (The lower the U value, the better the insulation of the house.)


Here is an overview of the Rigid foam thicknesses of our individual systems:

  • System 40 mm = 23 mm Rigid foam
  • System 60 mm = 43 mm Rigid foam
  • System 80 mm = 63 mm Rigid foam
  • System 100 mm = 83 mm Rigid foam *
  • System 120 mm = 103 mm Rigid foam *
  • System 140 mm = 123 mm Rigid foam *

Material: Polyurethane foam + 17mm
* = with a back-up plate in each case