Panel and corner

systemplatten1ISOKLINKER is available in two different brickwork bonds:

Stretcher bond
Flemish bond
also as a starter panel (not available in every colour)
In conjunction with our broad selection of formats and colours, the number of individual combinations is almost unlimited.

The mounting system patented for us ensures ideal hold ISOKLINKER-Maximal. ISOKLINKER-Maximal.

You can choose your own design with ISOKLINKER. We have the right ISOKLINKER facade for every type of house.

Technical data

Panel format e.g. stretcher bond DF 138.5 x 69.9 cm
Panel weight 25 kg/qm
Bond element to DIN 18164 T I
Thermal conductivity class 030 – system HA 24-026-01
Combustion properties DIN 4102-B1


systemplatten2Thanks to our new dowel fixing case, our system has become yet more stabile and durable.

No compromises:

  • extreme durability
  • no cold bridges
  • fixed joints with the dowel fixing cases of ISOKLINKER

The dowel fixing case is only available at ISOKLINKER.

DE-Patent 101 39 261.3-25

systemplatten02_1011 dowel fixing cases for each ISOKLINKER-System-Element and 4 dowel fixing cases per ISOKLINKER-prefab corner guarantee an extremely safe hold on the wall of the house!

This fixing system, patented for us, can be used at all ISOKLINKER-System strengths!

huelseThe patented
fixing bush with ISO sealing (DE Patent 101 39 261.3-25)
Optimum guiding for plugs and screws (Norista A4 stainless steel or galvanized). No compression of heat insulation, because bush is provided with an arresting element towards the wall! No thermal bridges via polystyrene plugs in front of the screw heads.

The dowel screw is completely sunk into the guide of the fixing case and the outer part of the sleeve sealed up tight with polystyrene plugs or with PU-foam!

Thus no cold bridges can arise any more, not even at dowel screw points.

On account of the final jointing with ISOKLINKER joint mortar, there is no difference in appearance between the facade and conventional brickwork.

Thus the walls of your house wear an optimal heat shield!

Paving and insulation at one go with ISOKLINKER’s innovative facade insulation technology!

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