Normal format block

The economical standard size.
The brick is characterised by its dominant effect.
The brick format is 240 x 71 x 14 mm.

The Normalformatstein is available in Stretcher bond and Flemish.

Our range of clay brick products are made from kiln-fired natural clay.
Every effort is made to ensure consistency and colour. There may be slight deviations in colour. Illustrations and samples are approximate copies of the original product.

Sample No. Colour
Cream white, deep-pitted, sanded
NF 116 Cream white, deep-pitted, sanded
 Bronze, deep-pitted, sanded
NF 214 Bronze, deep-pitted, sanded
Yellow nuanced, deep-pitted, white sanded
NF 216 Yellow nuanced, deep-pitted, white sanded
Westerland red dappled, flamed, unsanded
NF 303 Westerland red dappled, flamed, unsanded
Red dappled, deep-pitted, sanded
NF 335 Red dappled, deep-pitted, sanded
Westerland red dappled, flamed, shallow-pitted
NF 343 Westerland red dappled, flamed, shallow-pitted
Red, smooth
NF 400 Red, smooth
Red, deep-pitted, sanded
NF 435 Red, deep-pitted, sanded
Red, shallow-pitted, unsanded
NF 440 Red, shallow-pitted, unsanded
 NF Lime sandstone facing tile programme – facing tiles and angles only
Lime sandstone, white, broken
NF 800 Lime sandstone, white, broken
Lime sandstone, white, hammer-dressed
NF 801 Lime sandstone, white, hammer-dressed
Lime sandstone, white, smooth
NF 802 Lime sandstone, white, smooth
Lime sandstone, anthracite-broken
NF 803 Lime sandstone, anthracite-broken
Lime sandstone, anthracite, hammer-dressed
NF 804 Lime sandstone, anthracite, hammer-dressed
Lime sandstone, cream, broken
NF 806 Lime sandstone, cream, broken
Lime sandstone, cream, hammer-dressed
NF 807 Lime sandstone, cream, hammer-dressed
Lime sandstone, grey, broken
NF 808 Lime sandstone, grey, broken
Lime sandstone, grey, hammer-dressed
NF 809 Lime sandstone, grey, hammer-dressed