Bezpłatna płyta DVD z informacjami!

info-dvdAby mogli Państwo uzyskać wszelkie informacje we własnym domu, wyprodukowaliśmy dla Państwa dwa filmy na DVD.

On our ISOKLINKER-DVD you can see:

  • The advantages of the Isoklinker-System.
  • A step by step demonstration of the assembly procedure.

Thanks to this the experienced do-it-yourself enthusiast can fit his own ISOKLINKER-System himself without any problems.

On our joints guidance system-DVD you can see:

  • A comprehensive explanation of the system.
  • Clear and easy to understand information as to how to use the system.

Availalble only in german language.

Which of these DVDs would you like to order free of charge? Select the DVD of your choice from the form. (Alternatively, you may order both DVDs together for a contribution of EUR 11.50 towards costs.)


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